We invite you to call our office at 713-520-0738 to schedule your personal tour (generally Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday mornings). During this visit you will have an opportunity to see the classroom, observe the teachers and have your initial questions answered.

If your child is over three years old, we ask you to schedule a visit when your child can spend an hour or so working in the classroom with the teachers. New schools are a big transition in young lives and we want your child to feel part of the process.

We often have a waitlist of six months or more in our infant and toddler programs so the sooner you can determine your interest, the more likely we can accommodate your child.

The completed Registration Form along with the $100 registration fee will place your child on the waitlist. You may stay on the waitlist for up to twelve months.

The following forms must be completed and turned into the office before your child can start school:

Enrollment Information Form
Immunization & Health Requirements Form
Permission Form
New Student Information Sheet
Illness Reporting Form

Once we have received your forms and fees (registration fee, deposit, tuition, supply fee), we will forward your file to the classroom teacher who will contact you to schedule your transition into your new school. Welcome to the MCDS family.

Other Information:

School Schedule Montessori Country Day School is open 7am to 6pm year-round. Our academic year runs September 1st through May 31st. Academics do continue throughout the summer months with a morning work period and special projects at the pre-primary and elementary levels.

These special projects vary each year based on the interests of the staff and students. Summer projects are in-depth learning experiences, combining geography, culture, language and creative expression. For example this year one of our pre-primary classrooms learned about the rainforest; they learned the plants of the forest, how they grow together and their role within the whole. The students learned about the animals, food, spices and medicine of the rainforest; they heard the myths and legends of the indigenous people and made masks of the animals.

The MCSD School Calendar shows the dates MCDS will be closed over the next year. This calendar is published in advance so parents can make alternate arrangments with other families to be helpful and fun.

When HISD closes in an emergency (such as flooding, impending hurricanes, ice, etc.) MCDS will also close. If there is any doubt please call the office (713-520-0738)for verifiction.

Catered lunches
Chef's Catering